The year was 1960…

Robert Howsam and a few friends decided to form a booster club to develop pro-football interest in the Denver Broncos – thereafter to be known as the Denver Broncos Quarterback Club. Some of the early members were Ed Hirschfeld, ex-Denver Bear pitcher Mark Freeman and Charlie Goldberg. Since Charlie was one of the original members and was the longest continuous member of the Quarterback Club, he is now listed as the founder of the Club.

United in orange

During the 1960s, there were half a dozen small groups throughout the metropolitan area that supported the Broncos: the Aurora Bronco Quarterback Club, the South Denver Club and even a women’s group known as the Broncos’ Petticoat Club. Lou Saban was the force behind uniting all of these clubs. He wanted the clubs to combine so that the demands on the Broncos staff and players were focused into the support of one club. The combined club became the Denver Broncos Quarterback Club, Inc. (DBQBC). The club has been incorporated since 1964.

The Quarterback Club originally met for a weekly noon luncheon at the American Legion Post in downtown Denver. After this club was demolished, other locations were used including the Continental Denver Motor Lodge at Speer Blvd. and Zuni. During these years, Coach Ralston and Red Miller brought players and game films to the club meetings and utilized the club as the primary way to keep people informed about the Broncos. There was little media coverage of the team—very different than today!!

When Mile Stadium was completed in 1976, Charlie Goldberg opened the Mile-Hi Stadium Club under the north stands of the stadium. This was to become the new home of the Quarterback Club. Jim Saccomano, the Publicity Director of the Denver Broncos, arranged guest speakers from the team.

Moving forward

Over the years, the objectives of the Club have been applauded and encouraged by the Broncos’ owner and management. We look forward to serving the team, our members and community for many more years to come!!

Thanks to Charlie Goldberg and Jim McNally and their book, Broncos! How Sweet It Is! for this brief history. For more great facts and stories, why don’t you check out this book for yourself here.