QB Club Memories: Member Gary Fernandez at the 1984 QB Club Event

Thanks to QB Club Board Member Gary Fernandez for sharing this memory from a 1984 meeting with the Bronco team at a QB Club event.

Hi my name Gary Fernandez my first experience with the Denver Broncos QB club was September 10th 1984. My parents and my cousin alan and Joe ann invited me to go to the event. It’s something that I cherish to this day. The broncos had come off a loss in Chicago where Elway didn’t play Kubiak started and got hurt. I could not believe how nice and courteous all the players were and found the QB club members were just as nice. I have one of the best memories of my parents on that day as I look at my mom turn into a shy little girl when she met elway. I can tell you since I’ve been back at the qb club chance to meet listen to.players stories , radio personalities and our own club members have some great stories has been a joy.

Our board and members make you feel right at home .Thank you Denver Broncos and Denver Broncos qb club for that great day 33 years ago a day I’ll always remember , and for more great memories still to come …… Gary Fernandez Go Broncos

And here are some pictures Gary shared with us from that 1984 QB Club event.

John Elway funny story mom favorite player she turned into a Lil girl when she met him


John Elway and my pops
dennis smith safety
Jessie myles running back and yours truly comparing scars
Rueben carter Dt was on cover of sports illustrated
Bob Swenson linebacker


Keith Bishop guard famous for saying we got em where we want them in the. Cleveland championship game 1986
Louie wright cornerback
Paul Howard offensive guard he was very funny
Gerald Wilhite running back and his mom was there too
Mark Cooper offensive guard
Andre Townsend
Defensive tackle
Dave Studdard offensive tackle
Steve Watson wide receiver
Bill bryan center famous for knocking brian bosworth on his keister


Steve Foley safety cornerback

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  1. Gary, what a wonderful story and the pictures really brought back great memories. I can see your Mom being all giddy and shy when meeting Elway, she was a sweet lady!

    Thanks for sharing your treasured memories. I’m looking forward to being part of the Broncos Quarterback Club and making memories of my own 🙂

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